A reliable timepiece is a necessary accessory for the professional or the casual ---yet sharp--- dresser. Watches are popular with both men and women and have become an everyday part of a person's style. Here at Dempsey's we offer two brands of fine watches, Oris and Shinola. Since 1904 Oris' industrial watch making has been in their bones and craftmanship in their souls. Their mechanical watches always conform to the Oris credo: “Things must make sense”. Oris lives for the quality of work they put into their watches. While others follow a path, they define their own. Shinola proudly designs all of their products in Detroit and they globally source the best possible components. Also, they work with seasoned manufacturers both in the United States and around the world that meet their high standards of quality across a variety of categories. Shinola believes their products should be built to last and they stand behind the quality craftsmanship of everything they make. They utilize handmade production processes for their watches, so you can proudly say that your Shinola watch was truly built in the USA.